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Potting Table - mlm

I went antiquing a few weeks ago, and brought home this lovely, very distressed, old Queen Anne library table to be used as a potting table/desk, and for my small gardening tools, seed packets, etc. I got the idea from an episode of Hallmark Channel’s The Good Witch when she was sitting at a table in her atrium potting herbs. My table is much smaller, but it does the job for me. A plus is that it can be cleaned off, and do double duty as a serving table when we have more than just 3 or 4 guests.

Most of the old tables I found had been restored or stripped and painted, then priced pretty high. When I told one man that I was looking for an old rustic table that I could refinish myself (or not), he gave me the name of a small store that I had never noticed before. It is called Reinvintage, and is located at 510 South Main Street (U.S. Hwy 301) in Wildwood, FL. The young woman who owns the store is delightful. I will definitely shop there again. There is no website shown on her business card, but she is on Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, and Tumbler. She can also be reached by e-mail at reinvintageantiques@yahoo.com.

I already had some things to put on my new gardening table, such as the little black-on-white toile watering can shown below, and the canvas bag with pockets for tiny gardening tools (shown above). I found the canvas bag at Bookstone probably 15 or 20 years ago. Because the table is inside our lanai, I wanted it to look nice, so I began gathering things to hold my sometimes dirty or otherwise unsightly gardening accoutrements. So I went to Beall’s, (a local retailer) Michael’s, JoAnn’s Fabrics, and TJ Maxx. In otherwords, this was easily and inexpensively put together.

Outils de Jardin Zoomed - mlm

The aqua canister is part of a set that, fortunately, was priced separately — I did not need a whole set. I already have a canister set, thank you very much. It has a space with chalkboard paint, and comes with it’s own piece of chalk. I wrote garden tools in French: outils de jardin. I see in this photo that the words don’t appear centered, but they actually are.

See the book in the center of the above photo? It’s fake. The photo below reveals what I have hidden inside it. The Miracle-Gro is for flowers only. I do organic gardening in my little potager (kitchen garden).

Fake Book Storage - mlm


This (below) is my new seed holder. It is also seen in the right foreground of the top photo. I found it at Beall’s, but also saw it at TJ Maxx. It is wooden, and is divided into small sections. It reminds me of the old wooden soft drink cases from many years ago. It is perfect for dividing my seeds into categories such as flowers, veggies, herbs, etc. I had no idea I had collected so many seeds until I started going through them and sorting them. It’s a good idea to keep informed of what seeds you have on hand before buying more, because I found several duplicates in my stash.

Seed Box - mlm

This little gardening station has been lots of fun to put together. We still have to choose tile for the concrete floor, but not until we find a selection that we can fall in love with immediately. We’re considering ceramic tile that has the look of hardwood. Why ceramic tile when we refused to have it inside our home? Ah, that’s a story for another day.