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Soil Is In - mlm

I am so excited. I/we have been working on this little kitchen garden for soooo long. It is finally almost done, and yards and yards of soil (a mixture of top soil and composted cow manure) were delivered Friday afternoon. Just look at all that beautiful black soil! So, I have been playing/digging in the dirt (I mean soil) this weekend. A few of the plants, such as the oregano and sage, didn’t seem to mind the sand. Most of them, however, have not done so well, especially my basil plants. Most of my gardening posts will be on In the Garden with Maria, but as I mentioned on the “About” page of this blog, it is all about establishing our new home. Putting in a small herb and kitchen garden is the first thing I have done everywhere we have lived.

My hubby, Bo, built the low wall around the garden for me, so I could have a raised bed. That will be so much better, not only for the plants, but also for my back. It’s not completely finished yet, as there are some small spaces where a 1/2 brick was needed. That can be done later when he gets a better tool for scoring them in order to break them. For now, I have 2 new basil plants waiting to go into that new soil, as well as cilantro, parsley, sage, some onion sets, tomato plants, and bell peppers.

Our soil was delivered, taken by wheel barrow from the street to the backyard, and spread by Adam Neusbaum, and his “helpers”. The price was $50 per cubic yard — no extra charge for moving it from the street to the backyard, or for spreading it for us. This is a family business, and to date, all the people who have been to our home are members of his family. We get all our pine straw and soil from Adam. You can reach him at www.CompostCowManure.com, or at 1-855-475-2225.  This is the 3rd time we have bought soil from them, and the 4th time we have had pine straw (needles) delivered. We have been very please every time.

This evening, as soon as it is cooler (it was 86 today) I will be out there digging up and potting the plants that have been in place. After my good soil is in place, I can put those little plants in their new home.

The guys from Village Palms installed our patio last winter, and when they removed the sod for the patio, they made sure to remove enough that would allow us to enlarge the garden. A portion of the patio can be seen in the first photo. Thanks again, guys! Now we have to find some chairs for this patio.

Herb Garden Then - mlm


This was the garden when we first moved into our new home — Even then, I knew it wasn’t the best, but I was so very anxious to get some basil and oregano in the ground. I quickly learned the soil here is almost worthless, and that serious soil amendments would be needed. I compost everything I can get my hands on, but things wouldn’t decompose fast enough. Enter Adam and his wonderfully rich soil. The little garden in this photo is a far cry from what we have now. Thank goodness!