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I rarely pass a yarn shop without going in. I love handling the soft yarn, and seeing all the new colorways. So, when we were out walking a couple of days ago, and saw Black Sheep Yarns in Kent, CT, of course I went in. Bo even went in with me, and played with Nellie, shown below. Every yarn shop needs a resident dog, and this shop has a gem. Nellie is a puppy and, unlike most puppies, is quite calm. She laid just below the check-out counter and rolled over for a tummy rub from every customer who approached her.


Nellie’s owner is also the shop owner, Nancy A. Hamilton. Nancy is a lovely, friendly, and gracious lady. I wish I could have hung around long enough to get to know her. I really got lucky when I wandered into this yarn shop. It seems that Connecticut Magazine voted Black Sheep Yarns the best yarn shop in Connecticut for both 2013 and 2014!

Did I buy any yarn? Of course I bought some yarn — and a pattern, too. Here they are. Nancy printed this pattern for me from Ravellry.com.

Pattern & Yarn

My next knitting project, after I finish the afghan I’m working on.

Nancy’s shop is at #12 Old Barn Road, in Kent, CT  06757, and is open every day except Tuesdays. Her phone is 860-927-3808. You can go to her website BlackSheepYarnsCT.com by clicking right here.

If we are ever up this way again, I will definitely stop at Black Sheep Yarns. Count on it.

The Bulls Bridge:

Earlier that day, we visited one of the few remaining fully functional covered bridges in Connecticut, the Bulls Bridge. The bridge dates back to 1842.

Bulls Bridge 1

Like all covered bridges, it carries only one lane of traffic, so if a car or truck has already entered the bridge, you must wait. So far, on this trip we have visited 3 covered bridges. I have a published article entitled “Alabama’s Covered Bridges”. After we return home, I will write an article on HubPages about the bridges we have seen on this trip.