Welcome to Down Hibiscus Lane

In a safer world, I would have named this blog after the street we live on, but to protect the security and privacy of not only ourselves, but also our neighbors, I have given the street a fictitious name: Hibiscus Lane.

A couple of years ago, my husband, Bo, and I moved into a new home in central Florida and, before we were completely settled, I was already into the process of decorating our new home. This blog is a journal of that process. So come along with me as I create a home with a lot of Provence, and a little bit of Paris, too, where we enjoy hosting family and friends. I will share recipes and kitchen tips, and photos of my DIY projects.

Each time we have moved to a new home, one of the first things I did was to put in an herb garden, followed later by a potager, (a small kitchen garden). This time was no different. A few of my herbs and veggies loved the sandy soil, others not so much. I will include information about my herb garden and share recipes. Most of my gardening information, however, will be shared on my blog In the Garden with Maria.

About Me:
Some of you may recognize me as a writer on HubPages and PersonaPaper, or as Mia-Mia, a writer on Squidoo, an online publishing platform that was sold to HubPages in August of 2014. On those sites, I write about gardening, food, knitting, and public health issues, as well as other things. I have always been interested in photography, and it was in taking photos for my online articles that I honed my skills as photographer, particularly of food, flowers, and landscapes.

I am trained as a public health educator and grant-writer, with a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in public health. I have been gardening all my life, if you count the time when my dad made me work in his yard; and experimenting with recipes almost as long. I am also an artist, writer, photographer, knitter, seamstress, wife, mom, and animal lover. Now that I am in the 2nd half my life, I am more self-confident than ever, and ready to travel more and try new things — such as blogging.


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